Why should I use a College Financial Planner?

Rising college costs and a lack of understanding the financial aid process could cost your family thousands of dollars and a better education for your child.  Getting into and paying for college has become a major concern for all families.  A College Financial Planner can help you reduce your cost of college just like a good accountant can help you lower your tax bill.

Why can’t my Accountant/Financial Advisor help me?

Most financial advisors and CPAs are unfamiliar with this type of planning because they don’t consider college financial aid when setting up your portfolio or completing tax returns.  Since financial aid forms are matched to income tax information many people assume that tax accountants and financial advisors are also college financial aid experts.  However, most of them don’t have any training in this very specialized niche of college funding.

What if I make too much to qualify for financial aid?

Most families with high incomes assume that they don’t qualify for any aid. The truth is families that make over six figures can qualify for financial aid utilizing a combination of academic, tax planning, and little known financial strategies before they apply to college.

I’ve heard the Financial Aid Forms are easy to complete. Why pay someone to do it for me?

Absoultely, you can fill out the financial aid forms on your own. However, it’s not about how easy it is to complete the financial aid forms but rather what information is put where on the forms. Unless you understand how the information on the forms is treated by the government and financial aid officers you’re probably better off hiring a College Financial Planner who is an expert in completing financial aid forms.  Most families that fill out the forms themselves make costly mistakes.

Do you help find grants and scholarships for our child?

Of course we will help your student find grants and scholarships. We focus resources on obtaining money awarded by the federal and state government (need-based), colleges and universities (merit based), and private scholarships that are offered by clubs, foundations, corporations, etc.  However, we are NOT a scholarship service.

What if the student is already in college?

If your financial situation has changed or you feel our services will benefit you then we will be more than happy to work with you.  The financial aid forms have to be completed each year.  It will not hurt to contact us to see if we can help.

Do you guarantee that we will receive aid?

We do not make guarantees of financial aid. However, families that use our services are happy with the results and have received significantly more money in financial aid than the fees we charge.

When should I contact you if I’m interested?

Now! Our services are most beneficial to you prior to filling out college applications and financial aid forms.  If you have already started the process, the sooner you contact us the more money we can save you.

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