Save thousands of dollars in college costs using our personalized college planning system!

We Specialize in:maximizing need and merit based aid from colleges, focusing on three key areas of college planning: College and Career Selection, College Financial Planning and the Application Process.

In today’s competitive marketplace a college education is a necessity.  But the odds are stacked against most students:

  • Rising college costs consistently outpacing inflation

  • Increased competition to get in

  • Lack of understanding of the financial aid process

  • Huge loan debt on college graduates

Careful academic and financial planning is necessary for your child to be ahead of the rest and it’s never too early to get started.  College Planning Professionals is perfectly positioned to assist your family.

We Are:

Knowledgeable, highly qualified and experienced Certified College Planning Specialists

Our Services include:

  •  Student Positioning

  •  Family Financial Positioning

  •  Financial Aid Forms Processing

  •  College Admission Counseling